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The number of Islamic-oriented services in Europe is increasing. Why? Because Muslim populations in western countries are growing, which in turn is prompting greater demand for Muslim-friendly leisure services.

24Halal is your mobile guide to finding Muslim-friendly locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Many restaurants, shops and institutions cater specifically to Muslim communities and pride themselves on their high levels of quality and service. The 24Halal app pinpoints these businesses and institutions, and allows you to write reviews and even add missing halal locations.

Up-to-date information about halal authenticity and customer ratings ensure that you'll be able to make a well-informed decision about where to eat, shop and pray.

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Businesses & institutions

24Halal provides a platform for businesses and institutions to bring their Muslim-friendly products and services to the attention of the right audience. Muslim consumers are _looking_ for you and our mobile guide helps them actually _find_ you.

It also allows businesses and non-profit organizations to provide even greater transparency about their products and services. You'll find restaurants, shops, mosques, schools, healthcare facilities and much, much more under the 24Halal umbrella.

The 24Halal app makes it quicker and easier to find information about Islamic-oriented services. It helps app users find you more quickly and informs them more accurately about the halal services your business or institution has to offer.

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  • Zeer mooi initiatief en van nut voor de islamitische gemeenschap.
  • Dit had er veel eerder moeten zijn.
  • Er is zo veel te ontdekken op het gebied van halal restaurants.

Rachid Oucharia

Bestuurslid Islamitisch Centrum Imam Malik


Cemil Yilmaz

Founder Dr. Silk Road


Ashraf Ballari

Co-owner Restaurant Madera House


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